Wear Ankara

A clothing line in need of a brand & content strategy.

Crowned 4 Glory

A grant proposal for an organization rooted in hair care for foster youth.

Fern Johnson

An article to tell the story of the woman leading Career Sisters.

Salon 413

A website design and content to go along.

Inspiration Station

A neighborhood childcare center goes digital.

Ciara Fly Bobo

A new bio for an innovative creator.

Just A Sample

A mock Netflix whitepaper for niche markets.

Crowns Up

Content Strategy for a podcast about hip hop and faith.

Black Widow

A new product description for a growing erotica podcast.

Ms. Ora's Haven Of Hope

Flyers and video scripts to tell the story of a new non profit.

Tanisha Taylor Jones

The boss behind an early learning center and non profit for youth.


Blogs, articles, and content strategy to tell stories for black owned businesses.

Global Friends & Family

A travel consultancy gets new branding and business cards.

Sychronicity Theatre

New postcards for a smart and gusty theater


Content strategy and web content for a large Atlanta non profit.

The Story Of Imhotep Academy

A very sweet story of two women who believe in true education.

 Vessel Clothing Company

A clothing brands' pivot towards a new business model and fresh audience.

Star C @ Stratford Ridge

Blogs & Newsletters for a community after school program.

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