I Knew A Boy Once.

I Knew A Boy Once

I knew a boy once. Every time he looked in the mirror, he saw the father that never loved him.

Or the women he always abandoned. Or the sister he molested.

As each day went by, he found himself staring at his wounds and failures instead of his triumphs. He looked past his brilliance and instead, he saw an enemy.

Shame sat on his shoulders with pride until one day, he confided in his angels. He told them of his worries. Of his inability to see beyond his past and they told him to go beyond what he sees. And peer down into his soul. Find the gold and place it on his shoulder.

He is the gold that he found. He is the brilliance that was numb. He is the beautiful creation that carved women into queens and men into Kings. He no longer has to be ashamed of his past.

Because it, is over.

Ifie Natasha

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