Meet The Creator

Hi, I'm Ifie. I'm a writer, poet, author, & creative producer with a passion for telling stories, uniting communities, and exploring creativity.

When I was 19 years old, I started writing poetry in a dark library in Smyrna, GA while studying for a final exam. Ten years later, I've used my writing to create brands, tell stories, and find purpose.

I use that foundation to help creative entrepreneurs and business owners tell the stories that illuminate purpose, freedom, and authenticity. From poetry to film, I tell universal stories that connect to the human experience.

When I'm not writing, I'm creating moments of rest and soul care for creative entrepreneurs and women who run things. I am an advocate of soul care and believe everything flows from our soul - therefore the soul should be cared for.

In my free time, I'm watching good TV, playing with my hubby + kids, or doodling little phrases on sketch paper.

These Three Things


The way things work. The mechanics. I use business principles to create the foundation for complex stories.


The place from which everything is birthed. I use creativity to explore beyond what the eye can see.


Where authenticity meets purpose. I use soul to determine how a person, place, or thing connects to another.

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