When An Artist Gets Depressed: Release & Refresh

Artists are constantly channeling the people they are called to reach. Because of that, we often find ourselves heavy, bogged down and depressed by what we feel.

So here’s what we have to do. We have to let it go. Release it. Let it out. Take what you're feeling and interpret it through art. And when you can’t - do something else to get it out. Take a walk. Go stand in the sun. Give love. Blow smoke. Dance. Talk to yourself out loud. Run. exercise. Do yoga. Do lunges. Do a fucking cartwheel.

The risk of keeping it inside is hard. It’ll start to show up in your body. In your mind. It’ll go through your emotional ecosystem and bring you down.

When you're depressed and you can’t identify the reason, understand that it's not your fault. Half of the time, it’s not even your shit that you’re feeling. It’s the shit of others and previous generations that came before you compiled upon your own.

And it feels unfair. But it’s the mantle placed on you at birth and now it’s yours to carry.

But you don’t have to carry it alone and you don’t have to be weighed down by it. You can let it go. And release it.

Let it go and release it.

However you see fit. Release it.

Paint. Color. Dance. Scream. Cry.

Write. Journal. Type up some shit that doesn't make any sense.

You can let it all go and then refresh yourself with something beautiful. Think of your release as an exhale and your refresh as an inhale. Your release is your sweat and your refresh is water intake. Your release is like sex and the refresh is that bomb ass nap you take afterwards.

You get the point right? However you do it, do it in a healthy way. Listen to your spirit and choose the most healthy route for you to take when you release and refresh.

Sometimes, you need to do this in a space where you're all by yourself. A space where no one around you can affect your energy. Or put their problems on you unintentionally.

And sometimes, you need to release in a group of like minded individuals who all need the same thing… a release and a refresh.

Ifie Natasha

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