Tanisha Taylor Jones, The Queen Of Community

Tanisha Taylor Jones: A Legacy Of Foundation

Tanisha Taylor Jones is a visionary who sees education and service as a foundation for authenticity. 

With years working in communities and education, she has become a maven for bringing together families of different backgrounds to form a village of shared responsibility, unity, and a mission to keep the youth safe and prosperous. 

Growing up in an NFL family, she was afforded privileges that others weren't. This reality also presented a facade for Tanisha, a facade she later learned would be holding her back from  being her true self.  

She realized the life she had been given didn't allow her space to realize who she really was. As she worked to find her true authenticity, she set out to help others who may need help doing the same. 


For the last 12 years,  Tanisha has used mentorship and community service to empower young people to define their future through her non profit organization Project Future Inc.

Giving her Project Future students the opportunity to work in her centers, she not only teaches foundation, but provides it by helping her students gain employment and form a village of their own. 

In 2014, Tanisha founded Beyond the Books Academy, a preschool that uses a unique curriculum to teach children the foundations of education through creativity and play; guiding them to be their best selves from an early age. 

Tanisha’s newest addition, Your Center Stage Enrichment Center, teaches enrichment and development through art, creativity, tutoring, camps and workshops for children 5 -17 years old. 

Tanisha Taylor Jones has created a village that sets the stage for youth and families to establish a foundation of authenticity that will transcend beyond generational and societal norms. 

Visit ProjectFuture.Org to gain access to education and enrichment opportunities for youth and join a solid network of caring families who love and trust the village they are building together.