The Story of Imhotep

Raising Imhotep: The Story Of Imhotep Academy

Kindred spirits that met in the midst of their passion for education, Mrs. Rosenburg and Mrs. Jackson personify dedication. Their hearts are brimming with stories of digging for academic books for their students and hours spent building a school with blood, sweat and tears. These women have unapologetically become the mothers to a community of children that the world neglects to embrace.

 In 1993, Mr. and Mrs. Rosenburg joined together with Mrs. Jackson to begin a school after gaining knowledge that their current school of employment would soon be closing. Two years later they were joined by the Rosenburg’s son, Mr. Harris, who tackled the business and back end operations full time.

Driven by their joint love for and dedication to the mantra that “every child can learn and be successful”, they set on a journey to build a school where each child can be taught according to their own learning style.  

These two women believe teaching is a calling and our children truly are the foundation of the future. Thus for 23 years, they’ve stayed committed to their school and their children even in the midst of financial hardship throughout the years.

As they lived through decades of economic changes and low enrollment, their passion never wavered; even when they were exhausted. They operated under the mindset that “if they weren’t able to do it, they would find a way to do it anyway.”

“Tradition doesn't work in education” is the foundation for this “family concept school.” The founders of Imhotep believe that because every child is different, every child deserves individualized learning and the freedom to discover who they are.

Derived from the Egyptian language, the name imhotep means "the one who comes in peace, is with peace”, Imhotep Academy is the “archetype of an educational institution that develops the whole child.” Interweaving African American history and heritage into the curriculum, this educational safe haven lends a holistic approach to teaching the children of some of the most beautiful communities.

Mrs. Rosenburg and Mrs. Jackson have seen proof that when a child knows who they are and receive genuine love and quality time, they can exceed the expectations put on them by the stigma of their community.

We have found that magic formula and if we could duplicate our magic formula the children of African descent would never fail.”- Mrs. Jackson