Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen.

“Many are called but few are chosen.” I’m not sure why that phrase came to mind when I sat down but it did. I looked out the window and saw a busy street, buildings with signs lit up in blue, red and white. I glanced at the trucks driving by and the cars coming through the drive through. I leaned forward a little and thought about the phrase. When I was a little younger, I Continue Reading

Power of Perfect Timing

Maturity is a strange thing. Defined as “perfect condition” or “full development”, we rarely consider maturation (or the lack thereof) as a reason for why we don’t have what we desire, when we desire it. I believe maturity is something we continue to strive towards. It’s fulfillment changes just as we change. For example, I was very mature at age 21, but not nearly as mature as I am at 26. Maturity isn’t necessarily a Continue Reading

Nothing More Than A Housewife

                                “I’m nothing more than a housewife. Cleaning and raising children will be what my life consists of for the next 20 years. I’ll commit to leisurely writing and occasional conversations encouraging others to pursue their passion.” These were the thoughts that began to creep into my mind as weeks of busyness and fatigue became my new norm. As I Continue Reading

Do it the God Way

Through intentional growth, I’m beginning to understand the connection between God, love and life. The moment that I accepted who I am and began making supporting decisions,  everything around me began to shift. My struggle now, is maintaining that balance and focus as I’m hit with various scenarios. I recognize that God is the foundation for all things amazing. He is the focus that pulls all the right variables together. On this journey of life, there Continue Reading

She Said Yes – Tribute to Ms. Lauryn Hill

My infatuation with Lauryn Hill began in the late mid nineties. Not so much because of her music, but because of my fascination with her role in Sister Act II. I loved her voice, her acting, and what her character, Rita Louise Watson (said in her momma’s voice), represented in the movie. It wasn’t until my young adult days that I began to listen to and follow Ms. Lauryn Hill. Her music spoke to me Continue Reading

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