For the Dreaming Mommies…

This morning was a rough one for me. I woke up feeling completely unmotivated and with a lack of belief in myself. I decided to write in my journal to clear my mind and hopefully gain some inspiration but oddly enough, writing only caused me to reflect more on my life which led tears minutes later. While writing, I was reminded that I hadn’t been letting myself dream lately. I have a schedule for myself Continue Reading

Creativity is Divine

A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with a good friend that had recently quit her job as a teacher to pursue her true passions. For the last few months, she has been praying and trying to figure out exactly what direction she should go in while also trying to deprogram all of what she’s “learned” about who she is. She shared that she would love to pursue her dreams of event coordinating, Continue Reading

What Are You Capable Of?

Recently, I was hanging out with a group of amazingly beautiful women and we had a conversation about our goals for 2014. In the conversation, we were challenged to recognize and share what our obstacles and setbacks were in relation to achieving those goals. I expressed that many times, I have the vision and dreams solidified but I lack the belief in myself that is required to complete them! We decided that we were going Continue Reading

Letter to 2013…

2013. Hi. So glad that we met. Your silhouette looked great in the beginning and I never knew the meaning behind your mystery. Through you, I made history. You brought me my calm in the midst of a worried mindset. You let me live a life I never thought possible. I came to you engaged and I’m leaving you as a married woman. I went back to a place I vowed to never return and Continue Reading

I’ve Always Wanted.

On Saturday, I got a nose ring.  [Exhibit ring]                Since the age of 16, I’ve been asking my mother if I could get a nose ring. I’ve wanted one for that long. In my mind, it fit me. Of course, my mother said “No. When you leave my house, you can do whatever you want”. Years later, when I had finally left the house, I began getting afraid Continue Reading