Year: 2013

Letter to 2013…

2013. Hi. So glad that we met. Your silhouette looked great in the beginning and I never knew the meaning behind your mystery. Through you, I made history. You brought me my calm in the midst of a worried mindset. You let me live a life I never thought possible. I came to you engaged and I’m leaving you as a married woman. I went back to a place I vowed to never return and Continue Reading

He Always Shows Up.

It’s 6:55 am, and I’m sitting at my work desk near tears. This morning while getting dressed, I intentionally avoided my eye liner and shadow; for some innate reason, I knew that I would cry today. Don’t ask me how I knew, because I have no idea; well maybe a slight idea. I got to work, opened an email from Alisha Gordon’s blog, and the contents of her latest post put me in a state Continue Reading

I’ve Always Wanted.

On Saturday, I got a nose ring.  [Exhibit ring]                Since the age of 16, I’ve been asking my mother if I could get a nose ring. I’ve wanted one for that long. In my mind, it fit me. Of course, my mother said “No. When you leave my house, you can do whatever you want”. Years later, when I had finally left the house, I began getting afraid Continue Reading


                             There is SUCH a disgusting feeling attached with the process of becoming healed. I can’t sugar coat that or front about it. It freaking sucks. I hate it. I instantly find ways out of it. I tell my husband to stop asking me questions or I become distracted. I become defensive. My mood changes and all of a sudden, the person Continue Reading

A Permanent Priority

              The more God blesses you with things, people, opportunities, experiences; the easier it is to become distracted by those very things He’s given you. The deeper I got into my relationship with my husband, the easier it was to lose focus on God. We often wonder why it can take so long for certain things in our lives to manifest; not realizing that (sometimes) God has us waiting Continue Reading

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