{Heart} Checks and Balances

This weekend was Nembe Ibe USA’s annual convention. Nembe Ibe is a non-profit organization that helps to raise funds in order to help improve education ad healthcare in Nigeria; specifically the town of Nembe. For the last two years, my father has been the president of this organization. Every year, several families, men and women gather together in a different city to converse, make decisions and celebrate Nembe Ibe together. The convention has graced the Continue Reading

Stop Waiting!

As I was riding in my car one morning, I was reflecting on the words spoken at a bible study that I attended [Prayer in the Closet]. The main point of the message was that when following Jesus, we actually have to move. It made me think about the Great American Service Trip that I recently went on and the events that preceded the trip that almost prevented me from going. The Great American Service Trip Continue Reading

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