What They Didn’t Tell Me About Pregnancy

Yesterday made 26 weeks/6 months that I’ve been pregnant with my baby girl. As I approached Friday, I began to realize that there are so many aspects of pregnancy that NO ONE told me about. I don’t blame others for not informing me, because I believe it’s a journey that is so individual to each person and each pregnancy that it’s almost a shame to have too much information ahead of time. However, as my husband Continue Reading

In Him, I find me.

[youtube:] I find myself clutched to the legs of my Father. Holding on tightly, fearful of letting go. Thoughts of failure, fear, and worry circulating in my mind while my heart is set on holding onto Him as long and as hard as possible. I’m beginning to think that these difficult times in life have the main purpose of growing faith in us and instilling a dependence on God that we could not have gained Continue Reading

The Struggle [2.0]

For the past few days, my body and mind have become increasingly weary. I’ve been tired, mentally and physically. I’ve been stressed and fatigued. Life has been busy and non stop. This morning, I feel like I’m floating through the air as opposed to walking upright on my two feet. I feel like God himself is carrying me around to where I need to be and opening my  mouth to say the things I need Continue Reading

Not Qualified to Comfort

There is something significant in being able to distinguish between qualified and unqualified comfort. Let me explain. There are and will always be times where we need comfort. As human beings we often feel that we need physical comfort but outside of that, simple conversation or a shoulder to cry on will usually suffice. What about those days where it doesn’t suffice? There are days where no matter who wraps their arms around your body and their Continue Reading

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