You Chose Your Man.

I’m sick and tired of people telling me that I have a good man. Every time he smiles at me or serves me. Every time he opens my door or calls me sweetie the world around me erupts in cheer and accolades as if I’ve just won the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. People are sure to remind me that I’m blessed and lucky to have such a good husband. He loves me, is easy-going, Continue Reading

[Not] Good Enough

Last night, my husband and I snuggled together to watch Crazy Sexy Cool, the movie depicting the lives of the members of the popular 90’s group, TLC. In the movie, each of them had issues with their men. Each one of them were cheated on and many of the things that we heard about in the news were their reactions to the pain caused by these men. (Example, Left Eye burning down her boyfriends home). Continue Reading

I believe in LOVE.

Spending time with God just because is a luxury we often overlook. So many of us yearn for a beautiful and loving relationship but we always seem to overlook God. And I know why, it’s because He doesn’t seem tangible. We can’t cuddle with Him during movie nights or hold hands in public yet He is the essence of everything we could ever want or need. His love never fails, it’s everlasting, comforting and perfect; Continue Reading

Not Qualified to Comfort

There is something significant in being able to distinguish between qualified and unqualified comfort. Let me explain. There are and will always be times where we need comfort. As human beings we often feel that we need physical comfort but outside of that, simple conversation or a shoulder to cry on will usually suffice. What about those days where it doesn’t suffice? There are days where no matter who wraps their arms around your body and their Continue Reading

Stop Waiting!

As I was riding in my car one morning, I was reflecting on the words spoken at a bible study that I attended [Prayer in the Closet]. The main point of the message was that when following Jesus, we actually have to move. It made me think about the Great American Service Trip that I recently went on and the events that preceded the trip that almost prevented me from going. The Great American Service Trip Continue Reading

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