Are You Truly Living?

I awoke one morning around 4 am as I often do. My body has somehow programmed itself to hate me thus making me open my eyes way before sunlight hits my window. But whatever. As I was awake at the middle of the night, I decided to begin scrolling through social media in search of something to occupy my mind. I began watching videos and looking at pictures of others living life. They looked happy. Continue Reading

Watching Life Die…

Living. The pursuit of life. We’ve become too obsessed with the concept that we’ve failed to actually live. We’ve stood by admiring others putting envy to their freedom. Putting curiosity to their methods. We’ve wandered so deep in thought; farther than we’ve ever let our thoughts go before yet our body stayed stagnant. Laid dormant in the cage of routine. No wonder life isn’t always as beautiful as it seems. We’ve lost sight of the Continue Reading

A Hot Authentic Mess.

I’m a hot mess. My sleeves are soaking wet from where I’ve wiped my leaking eyes. My heart is in a million pieces because it’s broken. A mess. I’m refusing to put my daughter to sleep simply because I want someone else to be in the room with me as I experience the feels. I’ve been emoting on twitter because dealing with all of my emotions in my head gets a tad bit overwhelming. For Continue Reading

I Was Built For This

Sometimes as I sit and force myself to accept the reality that I will be a mother in less than six months; I think that there is no way that I am capable. There is no way that I will know what to do or what to say. Do I even have mothers intuition? Will i know what to feed the baby? What if I starve my child? And in all my worry, God reminds me Continue Reading

God is my Superhero

For as long as I can remember, we’ve used the phrase “don’t worry” to comfort each other as well as ourselves. It’s often said with a loving yet carefree undertone indicating that everything will be alright. The past month has been a month of planning for the Brandon household which means that I’ve been a little stressed about the way things will work out for us. When I desire that something happen, I genuinely go Continue Reading

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