In the past week, our apartment has almost caught on fire…twice. I’ll skip the details but what I will say, is that I panicked! I was loudly asking my  husband questions while completely at a loss for what my next action steps should be. He had to ask me to calm down several times before we were able to effectively stop the fire. As i write, I think about those three Hebrew boys in the Continue Reading

He Always Shows Up.

It’s 6:55 am, and I’m sitting at my work desk near tears. This morning while getting dressed, I intentionally avoided my eye liner and shadow; for some innate reason, I knew that I would cry today. Don’t ask me how I knew, because I have no idea; well maybe a slight idea. I got to work, opened an email from Alisha Gordon’s blog, and the contents of her latest post put me in a state Continue Reading

Not Qualified to Comfort

There is something significant in being able to distinguish between qualified and unqualified comfort. Let me explain. There are and will always be times where we need comfort. As human beings we often feel that we need physical comfort but outside of that, simple conversation or a shoulder to cry on will usually suffice. What about those days where it doesn’t suffice? There are days where no matter who wraps their arms around your body and their Continue Reading

Stop Waiting!

As I was riding in my car one morning, I was reflecting on the words spoken at a bible study that I attended [Prayer in the Closet]. The main point of the message was that when following Jesus, we actually have to move. It made me think about the Great American Service Trip that I recently went on and the events that preceded the trip that almost prevented me from going. The Great American Service Trip Continue Reading

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