The Haunting of Harp House

                 As an American who was born on the 29th of October, I have always loved Halloween. My Birthday growing up was full of costumes, candy and autumn festivities. I understand that many people do not tolerate the darkness of Halloween and think it is not a Holiday worthy of celebration. I respectfully disagree. Yes, Halloween has Pagan roots, just as many of the ways we mark the Continue Reading

A Fathers Love

 Recently, my husband and I were in a conversation with our Pastor and a few others about fathers, and the common occurrence that they often fail to be present for their children. During conversation, several of us could relate in the reality that our fathers weren’t present in our lives growing up. Whether they were present physically and absent emotionally or absent completely, we could all revel in the memories of pain and feelings of neglect.  While Continue Reading

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Ifie Natasha is a writer, artreprenuer and soul care enthusiast with a passion for telling stories, building communities and exploring creativity.

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