Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen.

“Many are called but few are chosen.” I’m not sure why that phrase came to mind when I sat down but it did. I looked out the window and saw a busy street, buildings with signs lit up in blue, red and white. I glanced at the trucks driving by and the cars coming through the drive through. I leaned forward a little and thought about the phrase. When I was a little younger, I Continue Reading

[He] Qualifies Me

It has been a while since I’ve written….anything. I’ve been so busy with life that my writing has taken a backseat in my ever moving, crowded car filled with wedding planning, work, self discovery, ministry, and friends. Because my life has been so busy, there were moments where I was completely overwhelmed. Those moments turned into weeks and I finally had a breakdown. I confessed to my fiancé that I was not only overwhelmed  but tired, confused Continue Reading

[We] [All] [Us] …not [Them]

Life problems arise in the weirdest places at the most unexpected times. Things happen, all the time. Things that cause us to curse people out or make rash decisions. Shopping therapy, name bashing, crying, emotional twitter rants, Facebook statuses, disrespectful emails, and text messages; whatever. We are human and God knew what we were when He created us. The funny thing is, sometimes we forget that WE are human. We’ll curse someone out and then Continue Reading

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