An Open Letter To Lauryn Hill.

I was driving down this highway in Arizona I think. It was a beautiful road. It had mountains on each side that were a beautiful shade of brown. My friends and I were listening to your music. Talking, sharing laughing about God knows what. We were on a 2 week road trip across the country to share our lives and serve the communities we stopped in. It was beautiful. I remember listening to your unplugged Continue Reading

Will Millions Make Me Happy?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life and the direction in which it’s going. I wake up everyday having to struggle with the idea of being a full time writer versus going to a 9-5 everyday. There is constant tension between my desire to be a millionaire and my desire to just do what makes me happy. In saying this, I realize that it doesn’t always have to be one or the other, one can Continue Reading

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