Why The Truth Fails Us.

ifienatasha March 1, 2016 9 Comments

Truth. Often daunting. Seldom accepted. Frequently offensive.  It can be the cause of fights, breakups and misunderstanding among loved ones and often fails us when met with judgement or reprimand. Our negative responses to truth can cause the truth teller to withdraw and refrain from sharing in the future. This leads to deceit. Lies. Hurt. […]


Love Isn’t Enough.

Ifie Natasha December 10, 2015 1 Comment

Love. Hatred. Resentment. Sadness. Arguments, Misunderstanding. Loneliness. Beauty. Laughter. Possessiveness. Growth. Death. Life. Marriage. is all of the above. It translates the deepest emotions into the most aggressive actions at the drop of a dime. It is the effervescent mirror that reflects our behaviors and tendencies. The mirror that we naturally avoid as we settle […]


A Dying Superhero

Ifie Natasha November 25, 2015 11 Comments

 There is this ability we have. The ability to die over and over while trying desperately to look alive. Putting on makeup and cute clothes to feel beautiful. Convincing ourselves that we have to keep going or life will drown us with no remorse. We wake up early and sleep late. We’re the backbone to the […]


I was SO Deceitful.

ifienatasha November 20, 2015 8 Comments

“I used to be deceitful; used to, like yesterday. Within one day my mindset changed and gave me the freedom to live in my truth.Despite what it looked like I vowed to my spirit that I would be true to it’s truth. True to who I am. What I want. How I live. It took […]