You were never a thought. Well, maybe a distant one. One I figured would surface when I was ready. When I was finished establishing my career and having fun with my husband.

and then you came. out of nowhere. unexpected but not prevented so I get it.

I wasn’t happy. I was disappointed and afraid of what may happen if you entered this world so soon before I deemed myself ready.

Before I deemed myself worthy.

Before I had conquered my fear

but it was too late, you were on your way

I knew that you would change my life, I just wasn’t exactly sure how.

I had heard so many things about motherhood. The good, the bad and the ugly but still I was determined to narrate my own journey

and I did.

Pregnancy with you was an experience. Much like your true personality, you were stubborn

You didn’t want to be seen by the cameras until you were ready and we were forced to wait until you graced Earth

forced to wait and see how beautiful you would be. and you were, so beautiful.

You met the world on June 16th, 2015. You cried for 2 seconds and then found peace as you rested on my chest

you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. and you still are.02-15-IMG_7990

my angel. my baby. my beautiful creation. my daughter. You’ve changed me.

You strengthened muscles in my mind that I never even knew functioned the way they do.

You bring me joy every time you breathe.

Your personality is a perfect combination of him and me.

You kept me alive. Literally. Stopped me from ending life because I knew you deserved to be here

DSC_2619and you helped me realize that I deserve to be here too.

With you, life is truly worth living.

I see myself through the Fathers eyes because you are His gift to me.

I know my capabilities because you were entrusted to me,

to be your mother, is a privilege.

To call you daughter is unreal.

It’s been 365 days of crazy mommy instincts and ever changing norms

I never understood the tears and emotional moments that mommies have when their children grow but I get it now.

It’s a profound reality that we control nothing but yet we’re blessed and graced to see a creation bloom as she was created to.

Happy Birthday My Baby Girl. You’re perfect.IMG_9371

Brooklyn Ayebapreye Brandon

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