Lately [as in within the last month or so] God has been speaking to me about my obedience. He has been waking me up every morning around 5:00 am and I know that the purpose is for me to pray & talk to Him. Listen to what He has to say to me for the day. I may need to command my day or be reminded of who I am before I step into the title that the world has given me.

Well, lately [as in within the last month or so] I’ve been falling back asleep at 5:02 am. I just love my sleep, what can i say?! What’s amazing is that God doesn’t bully me, He doesn’t force me, He doesn’t ruin my day so that i “learn my lesson”. He simply continues to be the God that He was when I woke up as I continue about my day. What i’m realizing, is that the more time goes by, the more I feel the conviction of my disobedience sticking me in my side. I know that i should wake up and  talk to Him, write, or do whatever it is that He is calling me to do in that moment. I JUST KNOW. Yet despite my knowledge, I have been choosing my sleep over spending time with  God. Well, today, i’m moving froward . I don’t want to be disobedient anymore.

1512118_700b I am the director of a childcare center in Marietta and often times (…or daily), I have the pleasure of entertaining company in my office in the form of a small, disobedient child. Usually, this child has driven their teacher to a place of intolerance of their behavior. Today, I took aside four young boys between the ages of 7 and 10; each having their own attitude and level of maturity. They were having some issues listening and I had to discipline them individually before returning them to their teacher. This evening, a teacher and I were discussing the behavior of the children as we pointed out their strong points vs their weak ones. We would say things like “He isn’t dumb. He’s not even a bad kid, he just doesn’t have any discipline.” or “He just doesn’t get any consequences for his behavior so he just doesn’t care” or ” He’s just angry inside…for whatever reason” etc.

Unfortunately, God has shown me that for the past month, I am that disobedient child that I am so used to entertaining in my office.

Honestly. I could end the post right there! BUT, i wont. Instead, I’m going to challenge myself to do better and hope that someone reading this post will join me in that initiative. I’ve told God that i’m going to wake up and talk to Him. Hear Him. Write to Him. Whatever I feel in the moment. I’ll have to get OUT of bed and move to somewhere that is less accommodating to my sleepiness. I’m sure that through this, many other things will happen and i’ll start to see why He’s wanted me to come closer to Him for the past month. But even if i don’t see why, getting closer to Him is worth it! Truth is, new levels of life require more commitment; whether that’s with God, your job, children, marriage, etc. Going higher means you may have to do more, say more, or BE more.

Have you been disobedient in any area of your life? Even if its just being disobedient to yourself. I’ve often declared and accepted commitments and then I neglected them when more important things presented themselves. Like…sleep. and …love making…and …stuff. It’s great to have goals and commitments but when you fail to actually commit to them, they become theories & fantasies.

So! Will you join me? What are you going to commit to? Share with me! I WILL do better on my own but i’d love to have some company!

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