There is something significant in being able to distinguish between qualified and unqualified comfort. Let me explain. There are and will always be times where we need comfort. As human beings we often feel that we need physical comfort but outside of that, simple conversation or a shoulder to cry on will usually suffice. What about those days where it doesn’t suffice? There are days where no matter who wraps their arms around your body and their words around your heart, you’re never quite satisfied. As an engaged woman, it’s easy for me to turn towards my fiance for his comfort in a given situation. He always has words of wisdom and is willing to help me get to the point of restoration and contentment. Fortunately, as amazing as he is, he is still only human. He makes mistakes, he forgets, he gets tired and irritated and there are times when he will fall short of comforting me.

In these moments, it’s imperative that I understand who I should ultimately turn to for comfort. As I stated before, as humans, we prefer a tangible, available representation. It’s hard for us to understand that a God so big can provide any and everything that we need, including relief. I’ll never forget the night that I was able to clearly understand this to the point where it drove me to take action. I was sitting in bed with Xavier, we were talking about who knows what and it started getting late. As we talked, my heart and spirit were in so much distress. I couldn’t get comfortable and I felt heavy. Although he was saying all the right things and he knew exactly how I liked to be held, he couldn’t compare to the peace and comfort that God is able to provide. Eventually, I got up and drove home to be alone with God so that He could fix whatever X and I could not.

 There is absolutely nothing wrong with having people that care about you and serve as a physical representation of love in your life. Those people are extremely necessary. What we have to be careful of, is that we don’t place those people in a position that only God is qualified for. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to gain a relationship with God before we get into relationships with others. Having a solid foundation of who God is in your life will keep you going back to Him for any and everything that you need. Recognizing his ability to fill every need will guarantee you a healthy life of fulfillment. In understanding this, we have to consider what that may look like. This doesn’t mean that everything will always be easy, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be in pain some days or that your life will look like you planned 100% or even 46% of the time. What it DOES mean is that God will always be available to comfort you, and if you take advantage of that fact, you will be protected and secure throughout the different situations that you encounter.

So,firstly, ask God for help before you ask anyone else. He is where direction and answers come from. It’s not as hard as it may seem, it just starts with a conversation. A question. A request. Secondly, continue to do that every day. Don’t wait until it hurts to ask God for His help. Ask Him every day so that when your mind defaults to finding a solution, He is the first place you look.

I love Xavier and all the other people that God has put in my life to help me along my journey. I know that they are necessary for me to keep moving but I also know that without God’s comfort, I wouldn’t even be able to stand.

Matthew 6:33 (MSG) “Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.”

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