BSc Human Services, Non Profit Administration 

Kennesaw State University 

MA Business Design and Arts Leadership

Savannah College of Art and Design 

My Story

In 2014, I was the director of a childcare center when I realized that the woman on my team were severely unhappy.  With dreams hidden in their hearts, they were held back from moving forward by fear and a genuine lack of resources and steps. 

That year, I started Life on Top as a place for connection and conversation. Since then, I've developed new brands, created various content, and hosted experiences that heal the soul. 

I help brands and individuals find and tell their authentic story in order to impact culture and create thousands of others who are doing the same.

Business Design

Business is the way things work. The mechanics. Knowing how things work is essential for knowing how to maneuver them. Using business principles in everyday life enables me to tell complex stories in a way everyone can relate to.


Creativity is the place from which everything is birthed. From written content to creating new brands, I use creativity to explore beyond what the eye can see.


Soul is the place where authenticity meets purpose. It's the core of a person, place, or thing where identity is held. The soul of a thing can speak to the soul of another - it just depends on who and what the soul belongs to.


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