On Saturday, I got a nose ring. 

photo (2)[Exhibit ring]

               Since the age of 16, I’ve been asking my mother if I could get a nose ring. I’ve wanted one for that long. In my mind, it fit me. Of course, my mother said “No. When you leave my house, you can do whatever you want”. Years later, when I had finally left the house, I began getting afraid to go through with it. I was unsure of what people would think about me or if it would hurt. I wondered if it was too unprofessional for my job position. After letting the anxiety overwhelm me, I would just forget about it and move on. However, every 6 months or so, it would come back to mind. I would say out loud “Man, i want a nose ring!” I would even look in the mirror and envision myself with one.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been growing out of my desire to please people and into my desire to live life in a way where I will have no regrets! With that attitude and a little help from my little sister, I finally got my nose ring.

  When I got it, I imagined the different scenarios that I’d experience in the different environments that I’m in on a daily basis. The next day at church, I only received two comments, and those comments were from people that I had already told about it. At work, only a few people noticed and it wasn’t until the end of the week that people are asking questions like “have you always had a nose ring?”. To my surprise, it’s just not that big of a deal to people [in a good way]. I spent so much time thinking about the reactions of others only to find that the reactions weren’t at all as I thought they would be.

The unexpected thing that happened, was that so many people began to say things like, “you know, I’ve always wanted a nose ring” or “man, you make me want to go get the tattoo I’ve been wanting..”. So many people expressed that they’ve been holding back doing something that they’ve always wanted to do and seeing my nose ring + hearing my reasoning for getting it, inspired them to go forth with their desires.

How often is it that we get to live another life? Trick question; the answer is NEVER. This is the only life we get and we’re losing if we decide to live it in a way that makes others happy and us miserable. Yes, I’ll admit that there are probably certain desires that we can do without and may not be to our benefit; but there are also attainable and harmless desires that we hold back from because of popular opinion. OR because of our perception of  popular opinion.

So today, December 5, 2013, I’m committing to moving forward with those things on my list of  “I’ve always wanted”. Some of those desires are connected to my purpose and very much a part of who I am. They will lead me to living a more abundant and fulfilling life!

What is on your list? What are those things that you’ve always wanted to do? Why haven’t you done it?? It’s not too late. One of my deterrents about the nose ring was the cost. I wasn’t in the mood to spend $60.00 on it! Well, I ended up getting it done without me having to pay a dime for it. I call that….a  blessing.

So, go for it. Whatever it is. Whether its a nose ring or a vacation. Dancing in the rain or driving across the country. Recording a video or going back to school. Do it. Stop letting other people tell you how to live your life! ESPECIALLY, if they aren’t happy with their own! I read this article called, Regrets of the Dying and it really prompted my new mindset on life. I saw myself in it and I wasn’t pleased with that! Check it out and then go DO!

3 thoughts on “I’ve Always Wanted.”

  1. My favorite line was “For the past two weeks, I’ve been growing out of my desire to please people and into my desire to live life in a way where I will have no regrets!” That is the way to be! I don’t think it’s about not “caring” for other, just learning to love you and being okay with everyone not agreeing with who you may be. I love it! I love it! I love it! 😉

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