For the past 20 something years, procrastination has been a bothersome bad habit that hanging over my life [I know that sounds dramatic…it was supposed to]. I’m confident that I’m not the only person that wrestles with this habit but I have to admit, there is no reason that a bad habit should last for 20 years.   While driving around yesterday, I recalled certain things that I know I should be doing right now. I know there are specific projects that I could begin putting into action as soon as tomorrow but I keep delaying them for one reason or the other. Well, the truth is, my procrastination is sponsored by laziness, fear or selfishness; harsh reality.

Immediately after that thought, I began to mentally complain about the fact that I’m not necessarily where I want to be in life. Knowing that the journey that leads to “success” can be long and taxing, I’m quite confident that I’m also not alone in those complaints. We can see where we want to be in life, but it feels as if it is taking forever to get there. One thing that I’m sure of, is that God does everything in His own time. He knows it ALL and will lovingly tell us to wait in specific situations. Although God tells us to WAIT for our own good, the waiting period produces irritable impatience as it seems that we’ve been waiting forever. The reality is, God may tell us to wait for something and then two days later we’re fussing that it still hasn’t arrived.Image

On the other hand, there are times when God will ask or tell us to perform specific tasks and either with our mouths, thoughts, or actions, we’ll tell Him to wait! “Not now God”, “maybe tomorrow”, “I don’t have time”, “I just can’t” are a few of the common phrases that I personally use. For some of us, God may just be asking us to consider living life His way but we say “wait” then turn around and ask Him to bless us or give us a new (fill in the blank).  How can I be so bold as to tell God to wait so that I can do things on my own time, yet when I want something, I want Him to deliver it within 20 minutes? Although the most important, we don’t only tell God to wait. We do it to our friends, our parents, our significant others, our bosses, our Pastors, etc. Isn’t it funny how we can tell others to wait while we take our time to get comfortable but the moment we hear the word wait, we act as if someone just threw a shoe at our face?

What if us saying “wait” is holding us up from getting to where we want to go? What if God has given us what we need to get to where we want to be but the very tools that we need are pushed to the side because we keep procrastinating? How crazy do we look if we say “I want a house”, God give us the tools to build one and then we say “wait” when He tells us to lay the first brick? Or we say wait when He tells us to go to the bank and open an account?  What if our “wait” is making God’s “wait” longer? In specific situations, before we are able to receive the amazing things that we want, we have to grow so that when we do get these amazing things, we are capable and equipped to handle them. We have to be mindful of that when we walk around telling everyone, especially God, to wait. You never know how much you could be holding yourself up from getting to where you want to be because you don’t want to do what it takes to start moving. This realization caught me off guard and hit me right in the throat yesterday simply because I had to admit to myself that I am guilty of it. Are you?

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