Sunday I spent time packing up my apartment in order for it to be ready to move this week. As I was cleaning out my closet, I began to put shoes aside that didn’t fit me. The funny thing about these shoes is that they didn’t fit me when I bought them. I just wanted them so badly that I bought them anyway and pretended that it was that they didn’t hurt every time I put them on. I began to put them to the side and ask my roommate if she wanted them. I did the same thing with clothes that had been sitting in my closet

Imagefor years. Every time I thought about giving them away, I would convince myself that I may wear them one day. On Sunday, I decided that it was time to face reality and recognize that I’m not ever going to wear these clothes and those shoes were just too small.

As I began to pack up the rest of my room, I thought about how refreshing it is to face reality.  I have finally gotten to a place where I am ready to face the realities of life no matter how big or small they are. A few weeks ago, I attended a conference where one of the speakers, Anthony Flynn, spoke about acknowledging where you REALLY are in life. He said that facing the reality of where you are is the only way to get to where you’ve been pretending to be. He gave an example of the alarm clock. So many of us try to set the time ahead a few minutes in order to convince ourselves that we have more time than we truly have. He pointed out that we spend so much time calculating the time that we waste the time we would have had if we had just set the right time. The reality is 5:00 is 5:00. No matter what you set the time to on your watch or alarm clock, the time won’t change.  That example hit home for me because I was guilty of doing that. I set all of my clocks ahead thinking that it would help me be on time. Hearing Anthony’s message made me realize that there were so many areas of my life where I didn’t want to face reality.

It’s been so easy for me to get caught up in what my life appears to be; I realize that it’s much easier than we think to avoid reality. This past year of my life has been an uncomfortable rollercoaster. I’ve been in so many uncomfortable and uncertain places that I’ve almost forgotten what comfort looks like. People would consistently ask me what my next moves were or what I was doing in life and there were times this year that my answer was shaky. The reality is, there were several times that I truly didn’t know what direction my life was going in but because that doesn’t sound too good, I would offer up incomplete projects as a cover up for uncertainty. I would say that I’m doing this or that when in reality, I was either writing or dabbling in several different projects that lead to bits and pieces of unfinished work. Sometimes, I just truly had no idea where my life was going and instead of facing that reality, I would try and cover it up. The truth is, reality doesn’t change just because we’ve made up some story to make ourselves feel or look better. Reality is always going to be reality.Image

The danger in avoiding our reality is that we can convince ourselves of a lie and neglect to get the help or assistance that we need to get us to where we truly desire to be. Anthony Flynn also gave the example of a cat that looks in the mirror and sees a lion. He pointed out that until that cat can acknowledge that they are indeed a cat, it will never be able to get the things it needs that will grow it into a lion.

There is something powerful in facing reality. It gives you the opportunity to move towards those things that you truly aspire to be and have. I think about relationships that we put ourselves in; convincing ourselves that it’s real and solid when in reality, it’s hidden with no foundation or certainty. We can convince ourselves that we are satisfied with what we have when in reality, we want so much more.

Facing reality doesn’t always mean that the reality is negative. I know that my God is so mighty and amazing that no matter what my situations and circumstances look like, the reality is that He will always work everything out for my good because He loves me. I know that I will get through it because I’m protected and lead by God. There are some of us that are realities look amazing. We’re exactly where we want to be with exactly what we want. Funny enough, there are often times that we fail to face those beautiful realities as well. Sometimes we’re so blessed and amazing but we focus on the negative so much that we don’t see it. There are people that are sooo humble that they fail to recognize the reality that they are amazing.

It’s ok to face reality. The reality is, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time; I just do what feels right in my spirit. Reality is, these writings don’t originate with me, they originate with God. I’m not some amazing writer that knows everything and if it wasn’t for God, I would be useless. Reality is, some days I get scared about my future. I get anxious about my responsibilities. There are things from my past that I have yet to deal with and because of that, they affect my present. If I had been willing to face reality back then, I wouldn’t be dealing with them now. Admitting where I am in life is the only way to work towards fulfilling my dreams. Getting the tools, training, and discipline that I need in order to make my dreams come true, is the only way that my reality will change.

Face reality. Stop pretending that things are what they aren’t. Stop trying to convince yourself of something that just isn’t true. There is power and strength in recognizing where you are. Your reality can change, but only when you recognize where you are and do what needs to be done in order for your perceived reality to be actual.

So, what’s your reality? Are there areas in your life where have you been pretending? Have you been convincing yourself of things that are not true? Are you ready to Face Reality?


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