Made By Women.

Tis The Season To Buy Things Made By Women. 1 We have a week til Christmas which means it’s a great time to buy a thing or two for people you love – or yourself, whatever suits your fancy. I’ve decided to compile a short list of women who are making dope things you may be able to get as Christmas gifts. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the cutoff though, they aren’t going anywhere.  1. Continue Reading

In The Name Of Kanye

In The Name Of Kanye: What It Means To Start A “Church” I was in an argument the other day about Kanye’s church and whether or not he was qualified to pastor a church. The conversation ended in frustration and a little bit of anxiety around the notion of starting a church and who is qualified to lead one.  Another argument about church but this time with my husband about starting a church and what it Continue Reading

The Soul Experience: Vibe

THE SOUL EXPERIENCE A two day event to create, connect, and converse 1 Insecure swept the world with it’s witty humor and real life scenarios that have never been seen in such a way on screen. The Soul Experience, is a two day event, curated by me for good food, conversation, and a bit of reflecting on the things in our lives that keep us Insecure.  Day One – The Vibe Social Media Posts Flyers Continue Reading