Role Recognition: Being His Help

Around the time of our one year marriage anniversary, I remember complaining to myself about specific things that my husband would do. He procrastinated and was very unorganized along with several other things that had begun to get on my nerves. After a few minutes of complaining, I could hear God say “well you’re his help, so help him.” That moment was a huge wake up call for me. I couldn’t deny that I had Continue Reading

I Was Built For This

Sometimes as I sit and force myself to accept the reality that I will be a mother in less than six months; I think that there is no way that I am capable. There is no way that I will know what to do or what to say. Do I even have mothers intuition? Will i know what to feed the baby? What if I starve my child? And in all my worry, God reminds me Continue Reading


In the past week, our apartment has almost caught on fire…twice. I’ll skip the details but what I will say, is that I panicked! I was loudly asking my  husband questions while completely at a loss for what my next action steps should be. He had to ask me to calm down several times before we were able to effectively stop the fire. As i write, I think about those three Hebrew boys in the Continue Reading

Purified Hearts

There is something about pure love that permeates through everything in its path. It can clean the filthiest surface and warm the coldest organism. Pure love is the one thing that we all desire yet most of us are oblivious to its existence. We have no idea what it looks like. We go through life living with blemishes on our hearts, caused by anger and resentment. And the funny thing is, we try. Most of us Continue Reading

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