A Dying Superhero

 There is this ability we have. The ability to die over and over while trying desperately to look alive. Putting on makeup and cute clothes to feel beautiful. Convincing ourselves that we have to keep going or life will drown us with no remorse. We wake up early and sleep late. We’re the backbone to the skyscraper visions of our husbands. We’re the bearer of gifts called new life. The ability to undergo units of pain Continue Reading

Nothing More Than A Housewife

                                “I’m nothing more than a housewife. Cleaning and raising children will be what my life consists of for the next 20 years. I’ll commit to leisurely writing and occasional conversations encouraging others to pursue their passion.” These were the thoughts that began to creep into my mind as weeks of busyness and fatigue became my new norm. As I Continue Reading

It Gets Easier

I remember sitting on my bed with tears flowing down my face. Trying hard to catch my breath in the midst of a full out, ugly, loud cry. I was stressed, distraught and tired. This was week 2 of being a mom and I felt like I was a complete failure. My mom and mother in law were both next to me trying hard to comfort me with their words. While their presence was comforting, their Continue Reading

Where Your Mind Goes…

“Where your mind goes, your body goes” those words ran repeatedly in my head as each contraction came and went. Those were the words that our amazing birthing teacher would say as she prepared us for the craziest experience of our lives. Beginning the evening of the 14th, I started having painful contractions. Though just A little stronger than the average menstrual cramp, they caught my attention. By 3 am the following morning, I was Continue Reading

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Ifie Natasha is a writer, artreprenuer and soul care enthusiast with a passion for telling stories, building communities and exploring creativity.

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