You Chose Your Man.

I’m sick and tired of people telling me that I have a good man. Every time he smiles at me or serves me. Every time he opens my door or calls me sweetie the world around me erupts in cheer and accolades as if I’ve just won the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. People are sure to remind me that I’m blessed and lucky to have such a good husband. He loves me, is easy-going, Continue Reading

It Gets Easier

I remember sitting on my bed with tears flowing down my face. Trying hard to catch my breath in the midst of a full out, ugly, loud cry. I was stressed, distraught and tired. This was week 2 of being a mom and I felt like I was a complete failure. My mom and mother in law were both next to me trying hard to comfort me with their words. While their presence was comforting, their Continue Reading

Role Recognition: Being His Help

Around the time of our one year marriage anniversary, I remember complaining to myself about specific things that my husband would do. He procrastinated and was very unorganized along with several other things that had begun to get on my nerves. After a few minutes of complaining, I could hear God say “well you’re his help, so help him.” That moment was a huge wake up call for me. I couldn’t deny that I had Continue Reading