Stuck in my Senses

My heart breaks for the misunderstood. Those treated with disrespect and the disliked. The ones that are oppressed by the popular demands and opinions of the world. Simultaneously my heart breaks for the opposite. The oppressors and the ones that misunderstand. The ones that miss the calling of life: to love others. My heart breaks when my eyes witness disdain and evil. It breaks with compassion and even then my mind is moved by my Continue Reading

Love’s Sacrifice.

A few days ago, I defined love as the sacrifice of oneself for the benefit of another. This morning, I’ve been thinking about a book that I’m writing. The book is a compilation of some things that I’ve done in my life, things that I’m not proud of, but things that I’ve learned very valuable lessons from. I thought about a young woman that I know; she reminds me so much of myself and i Continue Reading

You’re day IS great if you say it is…

It seems as if several people around me haven’t had a very good morning. Often times, when i have a REALLY good day, i think that it’s not possible to have two great days in a row. I used to wake up in timidity with thoughts that the day would overtake me and that the most horrible things would happen.  However, lately, I’ve been holding tightly to who I am as opposed to what may Continue Reading

Desires of the mind

I often feel as if i’m in a constant state of growth, which, as  a living organism i should probably be grateful for. However, even as a living organism, i’m most irritated by the fact that i am being forced to grow, fundamentally. To ignore the growth would be completely illogical; i’d become immobile and paralytic, a slow shift back into my past, thus, I’m forced to move forward.  Everything about who I am must Continue Reading

{Heart} Checks and Balances

This weekend was Nembe Ibe USA’s annual convention. Nembe Ibe is a non-profit organization that helps to raise funds in order to help improve education ad healthcare in Nigeria; specifically the town of Nembe. For the last two years, my father has been the president of this organization. Every year, several families, men and women gather together in a different city to converse, make decisions and celebrate Nembe Ibe together. The convention has graced the Continue Reading

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