I’m Worth The Wahala

Wahala [Wah-ha-lah] 1.   Problem Ex: No wahala, I go move. (No problem, I’ll move) 2.   Trouble Ex: Wahala dey come. (Trouble is coming.) For many,many years, I’ve deemed myself unworthy of the trouble and conflict that comes with difficult conversations and conflict resolution. I’ve been told that I seem as if nothing bothers me. Or that I could care less about others in certain situations. I’ve recently realized that (aside from my husband) I rarely Continue Reading

Hard To Say Goodbye

“We don’t want God to take people by death just so that he can sever relationships that need to end. That would be tragic and would make him the bad guy. But we want to be in control so badly that in order for Him to help us let go of unnecessary relationships, things have to happen in a way where we often don’t understand.”  The moment those words left my friends’ mouth, they resonated Continue Reading

You Chose Your Man.

I’m sick and tired of people telling me that I have a good man. Every time he smiles at me or serves me. Every time he opens my door or calls me sweetie the world around me erupts in cheer and accolades as if I’ve just won the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. People are sure to remind me that I’m blessed and lucky to have such a good husband. He loves me, is easy-going, Continue Reading

You Don’t Deserve Grace

We’ve become such an offended people. We wince, the moment someone may look at us the wrong way or get up in arms when a person accidentally brushes our shoulder as they struggle to get through a tight space. We run and tell our friends when someone hurts our feelings and instantly internalize a persons bad day when their “hello” isn’t as perky as it usually is. Unfortunately, we’ve become so self centered that we Continue Reading

The Beauty In Waiting

About four years before I got married, (which was about a year before I got into a committed relationship) I made the decision that I was going to wait until I got married before having sex with another man. I had a very promiscuous sexual past and I wasn’t proud of it. Nor was I fulfilled or happy with the way that my sex life was going. I would leave a mans house and feel Continue Reading

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