Can A White Girl Wear That?

Can A White Girl Wear That? “Can a white girl wear that?” She asked me after complimenting the style of my Ankara head wrap. She was one of my favorite white girls. I just liked her. Something about her was annoyingly sweet, hilarious, and so lovable. I wanted to be her friend. Like a ‘someone you go see a movie with’ friend. She was bustling with smiles every time I saw her and honestly, she just Continue Reading

What’s In The Soul Of A Child?

What’s In The Soul Of A Child A look at what kids need to be happy and whole from the leaders of Star C Programs When I was a child, I spoke like a child. I played like a child. I even thought like a child. I thought about childish things; like rainbows and muddy puddles. I danced all day to the Barney sounds until middle school because I just couldn’t let them go. I Continue Reading

Black Panther Wasn’t Made For White People

I sat in the back of the theater excited to visit Wakanda for the second time. A few of my friends had seen the movie more than 5 times and I felt like I was so behind the curve. As I sat in the back of the theater with my large popcorn and tasty beverage, I smiled at the anticipation of seeing Michael B. Jordan and Lupita n them kill it on screen. On opening Continue Reading

Where Is The Millennial Mom in Film & Television?

Where is the Millennial Mom In Television? Ten years ago, the image of the young mom was that of the stay at home mom who caters solely to her household and children; or the mom who spent six weeks recovering from the war of childbirth before returning to work, spending hours of her day traveling to the bathroom to pump. These days, the millennial mom is changing the narrative of motherhood. She is the mom Continue Reading

Maybe We Should Just Stop Talking About Size.

In the last six months, I’ve lost about 20 lbs. I’ve worked hard for it. I’ve lifted weights. Run miles. Eaten healthier portions and taken Zumba. I’ve made protein shakes and green juices. I’ve woken up at 5am to make it to the gym and I’ve maintained a consistent yoga routine twice a week. I’ve noticed the change. My clothes fit differently and I’m able to perform tasks without feeling the rolls in my stomach Continue Reading