Lemonade Is Not Beyonce’s Story

Yes. Another blog about Lemonade because that is what true art does. It not only evokes emotion but it incites cultural enlightenment. I believe Lemonade is more than Beyoncé telling a story about her and her husband. I feel as if she said “I want to tell the story of thousands of women” and that’s exactly what she did. I don’t truly believe the entire album is about her and Jay-Z but even if it Continue Reading

A Hot Authentic Mess.

I’m a hot mess. My sleeves are soaking wet from where I’ve wiped my leaking eyes. My heart is in a million pieces because it’s broken. A mess. I’m refusing to put my daughter to sleep simply because I want someone else to be in the room with me as I experience the feels. I’ve been emoting on twitter because dealing with all of my emotions in my head gets a tad bit overwhelming. For Continue Reading

Nothing More Than A Housewife

                                “I’m nothing more than a housewife. Cleaning and raising children will be what my life consists of for the next 20 years. I’ll commit to leisurely writing and occasional conversations encouraging others to pursue their passion.” These were the thoughts that began to creep into my mind as weeks of busyness and fatigue became my new norm. As I Continue Reading

F Them Bills.

“I miss the days when I had money.” I found myself saying this as I walked out of the grocery store a few days ago. After having spent more money than expected, I began to stress about money and how we were going to maintain over the next few weeks. Over this past weekend, I found myself stressed, restless and feeling the need to just do something different. Simply walking out of the house and going Continue Reading

When God says no…

I can’t believe that it’s already the end of March. This month and even the year seem to be flying by and as I reflect, I’m proud to relish in the reality that I haven’t wasted this first quarter of the year. This time last year, I was so obsessed with buying a house that I could barely focus on anything else and in turn, I wasted the first 3 quarters of the year. My mind Continue Reading

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