The Story of Imhotep

Raising Imhotep: The Story Of Imhotep Academy 1 Kindred spirits that met in the midst of their passion for education, Mrs. Rosenburg and Mrs. Jackson personify dedication. Their hearts are brimming with stories of digging for academic books for their students and hours spent building a school with blood, sweat and tears. These women have unapologetically become the mothers to a community of children that the world neglects to embrace.  In 1993, Mr. and Mrs. Continue Reading

Black Panther Wasn’t Made For White People

I sat in the back of the theater excited to visit Wakanda for the second time. A few of my friends had seen the movie more than 5 times and I felt like I was so behind the curve. As I sat in the back of the theater with my large popcorn and tasty beverage, I smiled at the anticipation of seeing Michael B. Jordan and Lupita n them kill it on screen. On opening Continue Reading

Creative Mornings & The Atlanta City Studio

Tim Keane on Atlanta Traffic, Langford Parkway & Designing a New Atlanta 1 I walked into City Winery alone after finding free parking (for the win), not knowing what to expect about this event I’d heard so much about. I saw a lot of different types of people who widely represented the creative community. There were women with bell bottomed striped pants and men with gray hair and dad shorts. There were a few black Continue Reading