The Tanisha Taylor Jones Story

Tanisha Taylor Jones: A Legacy Of Foundation Tanisha Taylor Jones is a visionary who sees education and service as a foundation for authenticity.  With years working in communities and education, she has become a maven for bringing together families of different backgrounds to form a village of shared responsibility, unity, and a mission to keep the youth safe and prosperous.  Growing up in an NFL family, she was afforded privileges that others weren’t. This reality Continue Reading

The Story of Imhotep

Raising Imhotep: The Story Of Imhotep Academy 1 Kindred spirits that met in the midst of their passion for education, Mrs. Rosenburg and Mrs. Jackson personify dedication. Their hearts are brimming with stories of digging for academic books for their students and hours spent building a school with blood, sweat and tears. These women have unapologetically become the mothers to a community of children that the world neglects to embrace.  In 1993, Mr. and Mrs. Continue Reading

5 Ways Niche Markets Can Find Their Audience

5 Ways Niche Markets Can Find Their Audience If you found you’ve created something special for a specific group of people, you are not alone. You are one of a billion others who have created a product or service for the people who know need you.     Now, all you have to do is find them. Here are just a few thoughts and ideas for how to do that without overworking your brain or Continue Reading

3 Black Women Entrepreneurs You Should Know

1 5 BLack Women Entrepreneurs Under 35 While the world of entrepreneurship is diverse in many aspects, statistics show that it is mainly dominated by men. Aside from having to compete with the male dominated market, women must also learn to balance motherhood,marriage and many other responsibilities alongside chasing their dreams of owning a business. Becoming a business owner as a woman takes courage, skill and determination. Here are 5 black women entrepreneurs whose products Continue Reading

How To Publish Your Book In 5 Easy Steps

How To Publish Your Book In 5 Easy Steps Every year, individuals spend thousands of dollars on publishing a book before having sold one copy. While professional publishers are valuable, they can be a heavy strain on your pockets. This easy 5 step guide will help you publish your first book on a budget. 1. Write The Book This probably seems like a worthless step but I don’t want to make any assumptions. Writing the book is Continue Reading