The Cierra Fly Bobo Story

Cierra FLY Bobo is a multi-talented Atlanta native and no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship and creativity. Born with the name Cierra Reed, now Cierra Bobo, she was raised in a home that cultivated her musical growth, moving her to create soulful music with a powerful message.  Formerly known as the artist FLY Musiq, Cierra has performed on stages in front of thousands, releasing her debut album in 2012. Her passion to share the Continue Reading

Made By Women.

Tis The Season To Buy Things Made By Women. 1 We have a week til Christmas which means it’s a great time to buy a thing or two for people you love – or yourself, whatever suits your fancy. I’ve decided to compile a short list of women who are making dope things you may be able to get as Christmas gifts. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the cutoff though, they aren’t going anywhere.  1. Continue Reading

100 Questions For The Soul

100 Questions For The Soul   Do You Love Who You’re Becoming? I ask myself. I imagine standing on stage, sharing the newest developments of my life, reflecting on the joys and lows of the past year. I remember myself at the beginning. Lost sight. Down on myself. Not sure who I was or what I wanted.  I needed some guidance, and I found it in my year.  This year has been an insightful roller coaster Continue Reading

10 Ways To Care For Your Soul

10 Ways To Care For Your Soul Life can be draining, and the world is getting crazier by the second. The more we engage with it all, the more we’ll need to care for our soul; the place that holds our identity, emotions, and will.  Whether you’re a busy mom who barely has time to comb her own hair or a working professional who wants nothing to do with civilization after working an 8 hour Continue Reading