5 BLack Women Entrepreneurs Under 35

While the world of entrepreneurship is diverse in many aspects, statistics show that it is mainly dominated by men. Aside from having to compete with the male dominated market, women must also learn to balance motherhood,marriage and many other responsibilities alongside chasing their dreams of owning a business.

Becoming a business owner as a woman takes courage, skill and determination. Here are 5 black women entrepreneurs whose products and services exemplify excellence!



There’s nothing quite like looking at a photograph and suddenly getting that rush of exactly where you were at that time. In some cases, from one shot you can remember what meal you had that day or a joke that someone told that made you cry with laughter.

Akia knows this feeling all too well and considers those moments to be pure magic. As a long term lover of photography, she has developed her skills over time, starting from school projects and club promotion. In more recent years, couples, engagement sessions, portraits, and bloggers have become her main focus.

Akia has spent a long time soul searching to come to the realization that her passion lies in helping others live theirs. Whether that means helping a blogger grow their brand or documenting a love that’s about to come into it’s own, she’s all in.

The “Co.” of Akia and Co. is her husband and their curly haired little boy (Nugget) who will more than likely be at the shoot with you.

With 5 years under her belt, Akia is excited about the growth of her company, and her own personal growth as she is allowing herself to be open to expansion in other areas.

A genuine joy to work with, you will still be gleaning over your photos after years of experiencing that magical feeling from your photo session with Akia and Company (I’m a living witness!).


“My desire is that every person I walk with leaves the shoot having had a great time. One of the biggest compliments I get is when a bride to be texts me on her way home saying her fiancé hates pictures but he can’t stop talking about how much fun he had or can’t believe how good the images turned out. I want people to be proud to show off their images.”



A Different Definition (ADD) LLC is a 3-layer organization that focuses on the beauty, love, and life of women through music, media, and discussion. 

ADD was created by Philanthropist and Singer Jessica “Jayh” McCauley, to help women consider a new standard of beauty, 

A self love enthusiast,Jessica has a true passion to inform women that they are the standard for their own beauty. In a world of suggestive images, women should look within as opposed to comparing themselves to the media’s standard of beauty.

As a stunning and well known singer in the artist community and abroad, Jessica has seen first hand the pressures to become a societal version of beauty. She wants to challenge people to free themselves of their insecurities, and embrace themselves completely

ADD hosts events and sessions for their followers and outside groups. Each session is infused with a creative touch to bring common subjects to life. 

From an all male panel discussion to the self love brunch, ADD brings people together for the cause of loving themselves and loving others.

“Too often we allow mass and social media to determine how we feel about ourselves in several areas of our lives. That includes self-image, love, personal goals, and even happiness.”



A fist generation Haitian- American Miami native, Martine grew to be an intelligent and ambitious young woman. She gained her  Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, a M.Ed in Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment (CIA) in education, and  an Ed.S in Educational Technology. 

She worked several hours in and out of the classroom teaching, tutoring, and  sponsoring young children from the elementary level. A few years ago, she found herself suffocating in a box that she desperately desired to break free from. 

Making a complete career change, Martine decided to go back to her secret loves: fashion and design. Her passion is what drove her to become the founder and  owner of Blessed and Chic LLC, a fashion & lifestyle Blog and the owner of La Blessed and Tre’ Chic Image, Curating & consulting Company.

Martine is always fashionable and has chosen to share her love and knowledge of fashion with any and everyone she can reach. 

“Fashion isn’t limited to popular trends that are trending nor is it defined by the type of clothing you wear. Fashion is more than that! It is a lifestyle. It is YOUR lifestyle. It’s who you are when people aren’t around, it’s your personality, your manner, integrity, your respect for others, your truths, and most importantly your overall being.”