An Open Letter To Lauryn Hill.

I was driving down this highway in Arizona I think. It was a beautiful road. It had mountains on each side that were a beautiful shade of brown. My friends and I were listening to your music. Talking, sharing laughing about God knows what.

We were on a 2 week road trip across the country to share our lives and serve the communities we stopped in. It was beautiful. I remember listening to your unplugged album  in that car. Your music was like… the soundtrack to my life at the time. I had just begun to find me. I had just begun to be ok with who I was.

I’ve never understood why most people I meet have no idea how amazing that Unplugged album is. I wonder why Unplugged isn't your number one selling album. Maybe because its deeper than most minds want to go.

Or maybe, it wasn’t one of your best works. Maybe your best work, is still sitting within your soul right now. You have it, and we need it. Your wisdom, your smiles, your strength and your agility. Your pain. We need your pain. Because I promise you, we have felt the same pain you have felt.

We have loved the same way you have loved and we have mothered the children you have mothered. We are your descendants girl. We need to hear your music. Your bravery, is ours. I know the sacrifice. I know there is a huge sacrifice you have to make when choosing to share your music.

I don't know the details but I do know, that your music heals. Whether you intend for it to or not. Your music, is our bravery. And our strength. And our love. And our needs. And as I write this letter to you. I write this letter to me.

Because my pain has kept me bound. My pain has left me in the hands of myself and my surroundings instead of in the hands of the God who created me. I have been over and over again in my head about the things I shouldn’t do or the things I shouldn’t say.

I don’t intend to project my wounds onto you, i’m just confessing. I’m learning that my failures are not my failures unless I keep them there. If I declare them my lessons, and my strength and my agility and my willingness to love others more than I've loved myself; I no longer have failures. I have stories.

And stories are what we tell. Stories are who we are. And believe me, your story is one that the world is waiting to here.

Love always,

Your 19  millionth fan,

Ifie natasha

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