You were the first man I ever called beautiful. Years later, I still see you as such but my perspective has changed. I seeIMG_8259 you as so much more.

A fighter, a warrior with so much strength yet the sensitivity and humility to love me beyond what most would say I deserve.

You have never stopped being a great husband and for that, I honor you.

Then you became a father.  For the last year, I’ve seen your strength more than I’ve ever seen it before.
I’ve seen the IMG_9367epitome of grace in your patience. In your ability to love me and our baby so fervently and purely.
I’ve seen your ability to lead. Your gifts. You know how to grow & build a ministry my love,  you do it everyday with our family.
Because you’re a great father, I’m able to breathe on days where breath seems unattainable.
You allow me rest when I need.
You’re intentional and emotionally involved.
You’re gentle and kind.IMG_9532
I talk a lot of mess. I’m mean sometimes. I criticize how you do things.
But I can’t ever deny how perfect you are for me, our daughter and our baby boy.
I’m so so grateful that our children are able to experience your fatherhood.
I can’t believe you ever worried that you wouldn’t be a good father.
I never did. I never worried.
You’ve proven that I never had to. I love you so much. Obviously Brook adores you and I know our son will too.
Happy Fathers Day Baby.
I love you so much.