LOT_without_tagline            Today I’m sharing with you my organization Life on Top! For so many years, me and so many other women have lived our lives searching for more. Knowing that our dreams were real yet not knowing exactly how to get to them. I created Life on Top as a solution to the problem. Life on Top is an organization that facilitates life groups, workshops, and more with a focus on life goals, spiritual and personal development. Our goal is to help dispel the lies that we believe as we learn to ignore the distractions that hinder us from living the fullest life possible.

            In our Life Groups we set realistic goals, create an accountable community, and engage in challenging discussions. We push each other to think and live in the most abundant way possible. Our group work days help foster accountability and create an environment where we are able to put action to our desires. Our Bucket List Takedown is a way to help each other cross items off of our bucket list while having a community of like minded, loving women to do life with.

While Life On Top has individual benefits, we offer workshop and life group services to organizations and businesses as well.

 In December of 2015, Life on Top had a live Periscope event where three panelists and myself discussed finding purpose, conquering fear, and casting vision. These three ladies are all living their lives to the fullest and shared great wisdom about their journey! Watch below! (picture quality isn’t the greatest but the content is amazing!)

Go to thelifeontop.com and explore our site. If you’re an organization looking for workshops and life groups, click ‘Services‘. If you’re a woman wanting to start her journey to the Life On Top, go to ‘Start Your Journey‘ and click on Join Us!