Sometimes as I sit and force myself to accept the reality that I will be a mother in less than six months; I think that there is no way that I am capable. There is no way that I will know what to do or what to say. Do I even have mothers intuition? Will i know what to feed the baby? What if I starve my child? And in all my worry, God reminds me of that age old phrase. The one the people say when they don’t know what else to say to you. “God will never give you more than you can handle.” Which I believe is true. I believe that God is smart and intentional enough to know what He’s doing.
This baby would not be inside of me if I was not ready to be a mother. The baby wouldn’t be growing if I wasn’t capable of nourishing it to birth and beyond. And then to think that God trusted me with a baby inside of my belly, brings me to tears. Not only because the baby is precious and a miracle; but because God loves me so much, that He built me in such a way that He knows I can handle everything in my midst. And we take that for granted. We feel the pain and forget that we were built to handle it. We were built to withstand and persevere. Why would a loving God create and allow such a situation and then sit back and watch me fail? He would not. And because He is so available, He is able to give us peace in the midst of it. Strength in the midst of it. Healing throughout the process of pain. Without Him it feels like death but with Him, not only is it a little easier; but there is a knowledge. A knowledge that is needed to excel. Knowing that God built me for this, assures me that I’m equipped to move through and handle it. I wasn’t built to break.
So I won’t.
And neither will you.
There is nothing happening in your life that God does not know about. Not only does He know, He built you for it. Equipped you with strength, knowledge, gifts, passions, people, love…everything that you will need to excel through it. Relax in the reality that you were built for what you’re going through. And then find the strength to do whatever it takes to not only withstand it; but propel forward towards the next lesson.
Everyday I look down at my growing belly, as people ask me questions and give me unending advice, I find myself cowering with worry and feelings of inadequacy. And EVERY DAY, God has to remind me, that not only was I physically built to carry and deliver a baby, I am mentally and spiritually capable of doing that and so much more. Every day, I am strengthened because of the reality that
I am built for this. 
And so are you.