In the past week, our apartment has almost caught on fire…twice. I’ll skip the details but what I will say, is that I panicked! I was loudly asking my  husband questions while completely at a loss for what my next action steps should be. He had to ask me to calm down several times before we were able to effectively stop the fire.

As i write, I think about those three Hebrew boys in the Bible that were stuck inside a burning furnace (Daniel 3). At this time in my life, I feel as if myself and several others are in a time of FIRE. We’re in a state where we’re uncertain, we’re afraid and we feel as if we’re running out of time to make the decisions that we’re not even sure how to make! We’re in panic, and we feel as if the options are getting slimmer. While there is panic and uncertainty in the fire, I’m beginning to understand that in the midst of fire, Jesus is present.

There is peace there with Him. There is refuge in His arms. There is love there. We don’t ever know the entire plan but there is even refuge in that. God knows your limitations and if we can just hold onto the reality that we can handle everything we are going through; may be it will give us strength. Maybe there is strength in knowing that though we’re ignorant to how, we know that we ARE taken care of. In the fire, Jesus is present. But we have to acknowledge it. Touch ourselves and our clothes to realize we aren’t burnt. We aren’t even scarred. We’re unharmed; just mentally and emotionally drained from the reality that we we’re experiencing a real fire. We’re literally standing in the midst of it. We see no way out. But we were and still are safe; despite how we feel. And not only are we safe, we’re able to withstand. The question is, how do we escape the feeling of fear of the unknown? How do we escape the feeling of being unsure? How do we learn how to be peaceful in chaos…peaceful in the fire.

jesus-through-fireWe pause. We acknowledge where we are. Acknowledge what we’re afraid of and what we’re waiting on. We acknowledge the ferocity of the fire and then we acknowledge our faith. Jesus. Our strength. Our victories; and even if just a little bit, we will become strengthened. The trick is, it’s an everyday, [or four times a day] journey. It’s one of those processes that we have to do  over and over again. Every fire. Every moment that we fear. Every circumstance that feels too heavy to bear. We often let our sense escape us during a fire. We run crazy instead of returning to the fundamentals of “Stop. drop. and roll.” We scream instead of think. We fear instead of looking for solution. It’s natural. But forward thinking, being proactive and on the offense will help us in those things. For example, I scan every building when I enter it; planning my way out. I play various scenarios in my head, looking for the best escape or weapon in case something crazy happens.  Yet spiritually, I often fail to find my offense. Simply knowing (head knowledge) that God will be there inst always enough. We have to train our inner being, our spirit, to automatically resort to Jesus in the times of crisis. You know why? Because most of the time, [like 98.725 percent] while we’re in the midst of it, we DO NOT feel like praying, praising, or relying on God. We’re haphazardly looking for a way out and we’re often looking the wrong way. Those three Hebrew boys had peace in that fire (see scripture) but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because they just started praying that day. They were on the offense. Their spirit and mind we’re made up on who they were and the God they served.

Now. Whether in the midst of a fire or not. Begin to train your mind and spirit to react to life with God as your protection and help. Father. Strength. Every day. Then twice a day. Then ten. And watch life begin to look different. Not because your events will always physically change, but because YOU will. Perspective always changes when your mind does. Be intentional about your spiritual life the way you’re intentional about your natural. God is with you in the fire. And while that doesn’t mean that the fire will always go away; It does mean that when you’re in it with Him, you are untouched.


Daniel 3:27 And the satraps, administrators, governors, and the king’s counselors gathered together, and they saw these men on whose bodies the fire had no power; the hair of their head was not singed nor were their garments affected, and the smell of fire was not on them.


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