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There is something about pure love that permeates through everything in its path. It can clean the filthiest surface and warm the coldest organism. Pure love is the one thing that we all desire yet most of us are oblivious to its existence. We have no idea what it looks like. We go through life living with blemishes on our hearts, caused by anger and resentment. And the funny thing is, we try. Most of us really try to love purely. We put our all into it. We do the things that we think are best and even when it hurts, we throw ourselves out there in hopes that we’re doing the right thing. Yet, as much as we try; we come up short. Our “pure love” doesn’t permeate the tough exteriors or clean the dirty surfaces. It can only reach so far and it’s usually not far enough.

I realize that it’s Thursday, and I’m supposed to write a piece every Wednesday. But yesterday, something happened. I prayed and I asked God what I should write about and He showed me “Pure Love, A Purified Heart”. He explained what pure love looks like and even compared it to filtered water. Yet as much as I tried to write about it, I kept getting stuck. I have to admit that I’m very skilled in ‘filling in’ a page but I don’t ever want to write something “just to write it”. I want it to have meaning, even if it’s only meaningful to me. So consequently, I took a break and decided to revisit it later. I went to my small group last night and had an unanticipated experience. We read a chapter from The People Factor by Von Moody which focused on relationships, transparency and authenticity. At the end of small group, we each shared a transparent moment/thought. It was…uncomfortable; yet its essence reflected that of pure love. Dirty-Heart

I’m realizing that the only opportunity of experiencing or sharing pure love, comes through allowing God into those blemished places to purify your heart. His pure love is able to dust, scratch, and peel off those stains that have been there for years…or even days. Through allowing Him in, we get a glimpse of the purest love. It’s easy to  be closed off. It’s easy to claim to be loving yet hide the very part of us that is needed for us to truly be considered loving. I consider myself a loving and open person; yet I hide my heart from others and God. I have become comfortable with my blemishes, my pain, my grudges and my walls. I’ve become comfortable with the impure love that emits from my unclean heart. And as I stated before, I’m just doing my best. I’m giving the best that I can give and calling it pure love but pure love CAN NOT be pure until the place in which it comes from has been purified! 

I grew up in a household where we had a water purifier on our faucet. These days, I will take what I can get but I can’t deny that there is a difference in taste when you compare the purified water to the water that comes directly from the tap. Once you’ve had a taste of purified water, most likely, everywhere that you go, you ask for bottled or purified water. Most people are NOT asking for tap. Love is the same. I’ve experienced impure love. A love from a person who neglected to allow God to purify their heart. I’ve even found myself loving ME impurely. And I’ve experienced a pure love. The love of God. The purest love. And just like with the water, I’d much rather have the purified love. It’s imperfect. It’s without blemish. It loves beyond grudges. It doesn’t love through obligation. It’s pure.

Last night, when we shared our transparent moments, it felt like pure love because we were all open. We were sharing ourselves with each other. Deep, personal places that we rarely open. We were shedding light on things that we were once comfortable leaving in the dark. In that open place, God was able to come in, through us, and clean our hearts. We had opened up just enough that He could wipe away a tiny spot. Though it was uncomfortable and led me to tears; I understand that opening myself up to God and others, is the only way towards loving purely. And while it hurts and I hate it; I’m taking the steps to letting God clean my beat up, grudge holding heart. I truly believe that the only way that the people in our lives will experience pure love amongst one another, is by taking steps to letting God turn OUR blemished, protected, bandaged souls into

purified hearts. 


Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

1 Peter 1:22 You have purified your souls by obeying the truth in order to show sincere mutual love. So love one another earnestly from a pure heart.

1 Timothy 1:5 The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

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