In Him, I find me.


I find myself clutched to the legs of my Father. Holding on tightly, fearful of letting go. Thoughts of failure, fear, and worry circulating in my mind while my heart is set on holding onto Him as long and as hard as possible. I’m beginning to think that these difficult times in life have the main purpose of growing faith in us and instilling a dependence on God that we could not have gained otherwise. I wake up everyday knowing, without a shadow of doubt, that I can’t make it through the day without time spent with my Father. When times are “good”, it’s easy to go about our days without a simple acknowledgement of who God is. It’s easy to attribute our success to how “awesome” we are. I’m convinced that somehow, this period of “process” has moved my faith from a concept to a lifestyle.

Let me be clear, I hate this process. [in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, read An Underserving FateIt’s hard and I have to go to great lengths to get sleep at night. But in that,I KNOW that my peace is found in giving my burdens to God each day. I’ve found refuge in His arms and I never want to leave His presence. I want to stay with Him throughout the entire day; not because He gives me blessings or because it makes me a ‘good’ Christian but because in Him, I find love. I find peace and assurance that things are working out for my good. In Him, I find direction and clarity. He guides me through the valley, His rod and staff comfort me and His love covers me.

Without the valley, we’re often oblivious to the true power and love of God. Without process we’re too weak to know that He has the answers. We’re too prideful to tell Him our worries, yet too focused on them to realize that we lack the intelligence to conquer situations on our own. Without process, we’re unable to testify to the true power of God. We’re unable to encourage others through it with surety that they too will make it through as we did. This process is showing me my character and my dependence on God is molding it. God is constantly telling me who I really am as those affirmations strengthen me.

We often grow weary in the process. [Process meaning hard times, times filled with worry, imperfect situations, etc.] When you do grow weary, find God so that He will give you strength. He will show you the right path. He will remind you of who you really are. He gives you peace. . You’re not alone in the valley unless you choose to be. Spend time with God every day and every moment that you feel yourself slipping into crazy. Tell Him what you want and what you need. Tell Him how you feel. Despite what we often think, He cares and wants to hear from us. He has ALL the answers. He can tell us how to navigate those feelings. He gives us “assignments.” that make life enjoyable and worth living.  In God we are able to not only endure our situations but we can conquer them. In Him, we are able to live, move and be exactly who we are. I have learned that it’s in God that I can live through anything…

In Him…I find me.

Acts 17:28  It is through him that we are able to live, to do what we do, and to be who we are. As your own poets have said, ‘We all come from him.’



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