God is my Superhero

For as long as I can remember, we’ve used the phrase “don’t worry” to comfort each other as well as ourselves. It’s often said with a loving yet carefree undertone indicating that everything will be alright.
The past month has been a month of planning for the Brandon household which means that I’ve been a little stressed about the way things will work out for us. When I desire that something happen, I genuinely go after it, work at it, or obsess over it until it either happens or fails. And as a thinker, I keep all of my thoughts, desires and worries in my head to the point where I’ve been having consistent headaches for the past week.

I’m slowly realizing the effect that stress can have on ones body, productivity and overall peace of mind. While worrying about how everything was going to work out, I was putting myself in a position to be physically and mentally drained every day. On Sunday night, my husband and I decided that we were going to take a week to not think about how things would work out, stop making plans and relax.

Today, we had the opportunity to individually sit with God and hear what He may have to say about what we’re planning to do. God is so amazing in that He knows everything and is wiser than we can imagine. He has all the answers to our problems and questions, we just have to be willing to take time to listen to His answers. At the end of answering my questions, giving me suggestions and calming my nerves, He simply said ‘Don’t Worry’. As I stated in my intro, “don’t worry” is often said with ease and low enthusiasm. When God told me not to worry it felt like a command. It felt as if worrying was equivalent to putting my hand on the stove while it’s hot. The intensity in which He said ‘don’t worry’ was equivalent to the superhero at the end of the movie ensuring the town that he was going to save them all.

There isn’t a deep revelation in this. I don’t completely know how not to worry, I just know that God said not to. In those moments where I feel myself slip into stress, I’ll remember the intensity in which God told me to stay away from the trenches of stress. Truth is, the muscular tightness, frequent headaches and restless nights are less than enjoyable and will gladly be traded in for the peace that God gives. We all have moments when we worry, but the best mindset for healthy living is consistent realization that we don’t control anything. We contribute, we hope, and we pray but ultimately, what God says, goes. I’m learning to believe Him when He says that He’s got it taken care of. I know that my stress does nothing for me but make me feel horrible. In the moments where I feel like my thoughts are weighing down on me, I’ll take a deep breath and recall what God said to me. After all, why stress when I have a superhero to save the day?

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