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Through intentional growth, I’m beginning to understand the connection between God, love and life. The moment that I accepted who I am and began making supporting decisions,  everything around me began to shift. My struggle now, is maintaining that balance and focus as I’m hit with various scenarios. I recognize that God is the foundation for all things amazing. He is the focus that pulls all the right variables together.

On this journey of life, there are often things that catch our focus. Trying to buy a new car, getting  a new job, looking for a relationship, figuring out the correct career path, buying a house, etc. Naturally, these things take time and when they do, our focus is easily captivated. We can become obsessed with that thing we’re waiting on. Constatnly thinking about it, researching, talking about it; becoming completely distracted from other obligations and responsibilities. It happens to me quite often. Ive realized that my personality is one where i want, what i want, when i want it. Though ive dedicated myself to Gods will, I often still hope that His will lines up with mine. As I continue to focus solely on what I want,  I grow increasingly frustrated. Constantly looking for ways to make it happen on my own. Leaning to all kinds of resources to make it happen and more often than not, those resources fail.

About a month ago, I decided to embrace some things about myself that I’d been running from for years. Some God things about myself that I wasn’t quite fond of. By embracing those things, I began acting on my identity. Instead of saying no to things, I began to say yes. I said yes because those things were directly tied to who God created me to be; the me that i’d grown to embrace. In saying yes, my focus began to shift from my will to Gods. Embracing who I am in Him, affords me the knowledge to continuously say yes to who HE wants me to be and what He wants me to do.

Being focused on my own will presents the reality that Im trying to live a life that wasnt meant for me. The life that God approves of is ultimately the best life to live. HE created it. In the last month, I’ve witnessed that saying yes to God can often mean saying no to my idea of what I want life to be. Saying yes to God also puts me in a position to be where I was originally looking to be. Saying yes to God allows me to follow HIS path and be led in doing things His way. Having your heart turned towards God will open up doors you didn’t even know existed. I’ve coined this decision making “doing things the God way”.

One of things that used to frustrate me most was when people would tell me to follow Gods path yet not tell me how. I didnt get it. Now, I cant say that I have a full grasp on it but i do have a better understanding.

1. Begin & continue an intimate relationship with God. The amazing thing about God is that as you attempt to have relationship with Him, He will rise to the occasion and meet you where you are. With a genuine desire for relationship will come …a relationship.  Write in a journal. Pray. Ask questions. Read your word. Over time, He will begin to show you who you are and who you are not. Certain things will be more clear while others get more hazy.

2. Embrace who you are in Him. That’s not always easy. And most times, you may not even know what that means. It may take time. Recognizing the patterns in your life. Recognizing what you love to do. Seeing what works and what doesnt. Asking those around you, who they see you to be. Finally saying out loud who you are. For example, I’ve had to tell myself and others that “I am Ifie Natasha Brandon and I am a revolutionary. I am a minister and a Pastors wife” If you read my 25 secrets blog then you know that embracing that fact was NOT easy. But it was in that confession and acceptance that I got ultimate peace and freedom.

3. Say yes to the God things. By choosing to love beyond walls, I’ve been saying yes to the God things. I say yes to loving and no to my bad attitude. I say yes to speaking in public settings and no to fear. Saying yes to the God things has already opened doors for me to obtain my hearts desires.

As you say yes to the God things, through genuine relationship and recogniztion of who you are, you will be on Gods path. And on Gods path, whith Him as your focus, you’ll get the desires of your heart. Simply by Doing it The God way.


Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God

Psalm 37:4 Enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you whatever you ask for.

Matthew 6:33 What you should want most is God’s kingdom and doing what he wants you to do. Then he will give you all these other things you need.

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