Love Makes Fear Invisible & Faith Inevitable

This began as a Facebook post and then I realized that I had way more to say than would be aesthetically appropriate in the space provided for a Facebook status. So, I decided to bring it to the place where I can ramble as long as I want without restrictions!

I rarely share these things, but today I’m compelled. This morning, I was having a rough time. I was extremely tired after a 12 hour shift, a meeting, and a late night IHOP run that left me with only 4 hours of sleep. Upon walking out of the house for work, I realized that I had no idea where my purse was. Minutes after completing an amazing new post (that I will be sharing soon), my iPad stopped working completely; leaving my new post trapped in iPad land! And within five minutes of arriving at work, I was already stressed out from the morning rush and rumble of daycare. [I know, I know, these are all first world problems but just roll with me for a moment]

After an amazing prayer with Xavier , I was determined to stay in Gods presence and not give in to the desire to be upset and depressed. Every moment that I felt myself catching an attitude or having a “woe is me” moment, I would ask X to pray and then I would pray. I decided to worship and my worship lasted my entire work day. Every few minutes I would get a rush of Gods love. I would be reminded of how much He loves me. How amazing He is. As the day continued, my fears and worries began to decrease until they were invisible. Well, it’s now 8:33pm and I found my purse (I left it at IHOP last night), it was untouched and in tact, Apple helped me get my iPad working (Shoutout to Jenny!)…(I don’t really remember her name, so lets just call her Jenny lol); the drama at work subsided and I was able to get through my day despite my fatigue.

Why am I sharing this? In the midst of dealing with these issues today, Gods perfect love kept me in peace. I’m sure that all of the solutions to my problems may appear very logical and for the most part, they are. But I couldn’t deny the real feeling that even in the midst of my biggest worry, God saw it as a little problem. And because it was little to Him, it became little to me. It was a small thing for God to take care of. All of it. And I’d be remise if I let myself go through life assuming that every solved problem should be attributed to pure logic and luck. God gave me love and sanity today. He solved all of my problems and because of His love, worry was absent from the equation. Today, my faith in Him increased. Whether I’m in the midst of one big storm or 10 minor ones, it’s all small to God.
Not only can I find comfort in that; I can have faith in it.

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