Beautiful Burdens

How many of us are responsible/involved in a million things at once? How many of us find those things to be such a heavy burden that often times it seems as if we’ll be crushed by the pressure? I know that feeling, and today, I have a new perspective!

Last night, after working an 11 hour shift, my husband and I left work and headed to church. I had praise team rehearsal and then we had rehearsal for our showcase Fitted 4 Fridayz (which is TONIGHT! Click the link for more info). Afterwards, we attended a rehearsal for The Alignment (which is ALSO TONIGHT! Click the link for more info!), which is another artist showcase that he is hosting. Yes, you read that right. We worked all day, and then had 3 rehearsals in one night! While following him to the location of the final rehearsal, I was thinking about all of the responsibilities that we’ve been given. Right now, i’m involved in/planning quite a few things. Let me name a few: Praise team, open heart ministry, Mommies 2 Be, Fitted 4 Fridayz, The Bridge, Work, Writing a book,, Marriage Matters, a womens bible study, various church events/ministries, and then of course there are the random family and friend outings, visits, and events. All of this in addition to learning how to develop a healthy marriage, learning more about myself, and the random idiosyncrasies of life! Needless to say, I am doing A LOT. There were days that I would consider how much I have to do on a given week and complain about how busy I was; then I would make excuses for why things weren’t getting done.

Last night, while following my husband to the final rehearsal, I began thinking about all of the above mentioned things that we’re involved in. For the first time in my life, my thoughts weren’t rooted in negativity, resentment, or self pity; they were rooted in gratitude and faith. I realized that I would not want to be living this life with anyone other than the man that I married. That led me into thoughts about the people that I’m surrounded by. Beautiful, loving, faithful people that have amazing sense of humor and a genuine love for people and God. Today, God showed me the beauty in my burden! He showed me that He has trusted me with all of these things because I can not only handle them, but I can succeed and exceed expectations.

On Tuesday, the amazing Tennille Kennedy taught us that “expectation proceeds potential”.  That simply means, if we’re beautiful_burdens_by_silenced_echo-d6dkeo6expected to do something, we are capable of doing it! My new perspective on my “burdens” is that I am blessed to have them! I consider the impact that it has on me as a person, the growth that I experience, the people that i’m able to meet and grow in relationship with. I consider the people that are employed, serviced, and helped simply by me being in a position of obedience and acceptance of my responsibility. Are our burdens often tiresome? Expensive? Inconvenient? Yes! But when we consider the fact that we’ve been trusted with some of the most delicate tasks, it’s intended that we gain fulfillment from them. Some of us are trusted with information, money, people, buildings, national security, children, etc. ; precious things! They may be inconvenient but rarely ever trivial. While driving, I thought “I’m sure that Jesus being hung on the cross was extremely inconvenient for Him; but through his inconvenience, He saved the whole world!”

How grateful I am to have not only the responsibility that I have, but the ABILITY to SUCCEED in them. And you know how I KNOW that I have the ability?? Because through me getting the responsibilities that I’ve been given, there is an expectation. Expectation precedes potential [I’m excited about this revelation obviously]!

For those that are reading this post thinking that their burdens feel meaningless or that you don’t even have any; re-evaluate your life. Consider your purpose (because you DO have one of those)! Ask God for some help in that area…and if you don’t know how to ask him. Start by saying “Hey God, i have a question…”. You’re belief in Him alone will begin your journey towards getting to know Him better AND understanding the beauty of your burdens!

So! I’ve said a lot but consider that your burdens are not meant to crush you and if you carry them effectively, they WILL NOT. Bottom line: Your burdens are beautiful representations of Gods’ faith in you!

*dances in my chair*

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  1. “How grateful I am to have not only the responsibility that I have, but the ABILITY to SUCCEED in them.” Amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    God Bless

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