Month: August 2013

Beautiful Burdens

How many of us are responsible/involved in a million things at once? How many of us find those things to be such a heavy burden that often times it seems as if we’ll be crushed by the pressure? I know that feeling, and today, I have a new perspective! Last night, after working an 11 hour shift, my husband and I left work and headed to church. I had praise team rehearsal and then we Continue Reading

The Struggle [2.0]

For the past few days, my body and mind have become increasingly weary. I’ve been tired, mentally and physically. I’ve been stressed and fatigued. Life has been busy and non stop. This morning, I feel like I’m floating through the air as opposed to walking upright on my two feet. I feel like God himself is carrying me around to where I need to be and opening my  mouth to say the things I need Continue Reading


It’s been almost three weeks since I conquered my fear of singing in front of a crowd and since then I’ve realized that there are so many other things that have been rectified because of my decision to conquer a fear. I find myself going after things that I would have never imagined I was qualified to conquer. I also realize that some of my actions of the past were only manifested because they grew Continue Reading

I Miss You: An original short story

“I miss you.” He said, with his eyes squinted and his arms gently holding my elbows. He had drawn me close with his words. Everything he said in the last 45 seconds went in one ear and out of the other, leaving only the last three words to hit my heart and shatter the wall that I had built up against him. It had been eight years since I had last seen him and I Continue Reading

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