Who Are You?

You’re walking on the beach, wind is blowing through your hair, sand feels amazing under your feet.  Birds are flying high and the sun is radiating; providing the perfect amount of heat to compliment the breeze along the shore. You’re in total bliss. Your perfect medley is playing over loud speakers and you’re with your favorite group of people. There are people on surf boards and kids running around with dirty, sandy faces. Overpriced, blue Continue Reading

Let’s just…Unpack

You’re packing for a trip to Miami in the middle of July. You begin to pack your suitcase with shorts, sandals, tanks, swimwear, etc. While you’re packing, someone comes up to you and tells you that it’s going to be cold in Miami so you’re going to need jeans, boots and a winter coat. Because you know that Miami is extremely hot 87% of the time, you would probably look at them like they were Continue Reading

Not Qualified to Comfort

There is something significant in being able to distinguish between qualified and unqualified comfort. Let me explain. There are and will always be times where we need comfort. As human beings we often feel that we need physical comfort but outside of that, simple conversation or a shoulder to cry on will usually suffice. What about those days where it doesn’t suffice? There are days where no matter who wraps their arms around your body and their Continue Reading

Stop Waiting!

As I was riding in my car one morning, I was reflecting on the words spoken at a bible study that I attended [Prayer in the Closet]. The main point of the message was that when following Jesus, we actually have to move. It made me think about the Great American Service Trip that I recently went on and the events that preceded the trip that almost prevented me from going. The Great American Service Trip Continue Reading