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You’re packing for a trip to Miami in the middle of July. You begin to pack your suitcase with shorts, sandals, tanks, swimwear, etc. While you’re packing, someone comes up to you and tells you that it’s going to be cold in Miami so you’re going to need jeans, boots and a winter coat. Because you know that Miami is extremely hot 87% of the time, you would probably look at them like they were crazy and keep packing. What if three more people came and told you the same thing? What if your mom told you? What if by the time you were finished packing, you ended up packing winter clothes because so many people told you that it would be cold so you decided to just be on the “safe side”? That sounds crazy right? Believe it or not, we do that in life. I’ll explain. So, the past 6 months have provided extreme growth for me, and when I say extreme, I’m not exaggerating. Nevertheless it has been the most exciting and challenging six months of my life! One of the many things that I’ve learned is that I’m at a place in my life where I need to ‘unpack’ a lot of those beliefs and habits that I’ve stored up in my head simply because I believed the people that told them to me. As we grow up, we are told so many things that are supposed to help us excel in life and become everything we were meant to become. We are taught manners, how to treat others, and how to succeed in life; amongst other things. For my entire life, I was told what to be, what to do, how to do it, and when. I don’t believe that any of the people directing me meant any harm; they were either speaking from experience or from what someone else had told them. I was told that I needed to go to nursing school and work for a hospital or doctors office because that is how I would be guaranteed money. No problem, not a bad idea AT ALL. There are plenty of successful and fulfilled nurses; my mother is one of them. However, going to nursing school and working for someone is not part of my desired outcome. It’s not part of my truth. It’s just like the suitcase. Being told to pack winter clothes when going to Miami is equivalent to me being told to go to nursing school. There is nothing wrong with packing winter clothes in a suitcase; it only presents a contradiction when you’re packing winter clothes for a place that is always hot. There is nothing wrong with nursing school if that is where you are supposed to end up; it just presents a contradiction when nursing school doesn’t lead to my desired outcome for my life. I am now realizing that I can do what my heart truly desires because God’s word is my truth.  I choose to believe in His word because I’ve tried other things and they don’t work. Nothing fulfills me like God does. Nothing else has proven true but Gods word. Despite the different things I’m told every day, I know that I can stand on my truth because I believe in the validity of the source and the way in which it relates to me. So, if I believe in Gods word, anything told to me that contradicts it, is a lie. Again, there are plenty of people that don’t intend to ‘lie’ to me or even cause me harm, we simply don’t base our beliefs on the same truth. So what happens when you choose to base your life on multiple truths? What happens when you don’t have a solid foundation or something that you indisputably believe in? You start believing whatever you’re told. If you don’t research and believe that it’s 89 degrees in Miami all week, you’ll believe that you need winter clothes there. I realize that there was a certain time in my life where I didn’t stand on any specific truth. I used to believe whatever I was told because It was said by so many different people or even one person that I trusted strongly. Also, upon adopting these different beliefs, it’s easy to begin making assumptions that further hinder you. For example, you may start thinking “well if it might be cold in Miami, then I probably won’t get in the pool”. So, you end up tossing out your swimwear because you were convinced that you wouldn’t need it. I know it sounds silly, but I promise it happens to all of us, all the time. For so long I believed that I didn’t have the ability to create wealth with my talents and gifts, so I shoved that out of my mind and focused on a career that had nothing to do with my destiny. Nobody told me that I couldn’t, it was just implied that I couldn’t. These days I have to start unpacking some of those things that were never intended for me to pack in the first place. The word says that God gave ALL of us the ability to create wealth; well ALL includes ME. If my truth says one thing then everything else is null & void. So it’s time to unpack all of the falsities that you were told, all the pain you have been holding on to, and all the images that you never let go of. I’m sure there are things that you were told that are helpful and very true , and it’s wise to hold on to those things; just make sure that you let go of the rest. It’s time to stop carrying around useless information because it hinders us from having the capactity to receive what we actually need. Find your truth! Just as you can’t stand on three different rocks at the same time and expect to be stable; you can’t stand on different ‘truths’ and expect to have clarity. It’s ok if your truth and someone else’s truth don’t coincide; stand on your truth and let your actions prove its validity! Sowhat is your truth? What things have you been carrying around that contradict that truth? Make the decision to stand on your truth, and unpack everything that contradicts it!

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